Moving house, and shoes

Recently I moved to a new house.

It’s a step which entails a change because I no longer live alone, but with my partner. The house is old and beautiful but most of all is starting to feel like home, cozy and intriguing.

I think there will be many more stories to tell about the house, about Jaffa – which is where we live – and about my partner’s shoe collection which is quite remarkable and expresses a unique and interesting taste 🙂

The night before the move i went out with Avivit, a good friend who runs a small second-hand clothing business and also mends and alters many of the clothes. “It’s like a farewell party for you before moving into your new life” Avivit declared with a smile.

Avivit has this incredible eye for finding hidden gems in the street. I mean if I see a pile of clothes someone left on a street corner I would probably hesitate or feel embarrassed to start looking through it. But with Avivit all the magic happens. This way we found a pile full of fun and stylish stuff. A pile which we soon discovered was left outside by a really cool and stylish couple, which also sew some of their clothes.

So this is one of the fun items found that night.



I wonder if they too will be sued for red out sole bottoms??:) Doubt it… 

And where also did we go?

To the Gagarin, to see Deaf Chonky.


So keep moving, listening, finding. Happy February 🙂


I invite you to follow my steps 🙂


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