Mine; sea sand and shoes

What about: Meeting Danielle Yaor, who studies design in Rietveld, Amsterdam.

Danielle believes that ‘fashion design enfolds a subtle power to challenge social structures’ and is the creator of collection of shirts entitled ‘Mine’.

And in Danielle’s words: “‘Mine’ explains that your vagina is entirely yours! And creates a social awareness with a clear say – stop the rape culture”.

You can buy the shirts here



Where: We meet in Jaffa-Tel-Aviv

What else is happening: Danielle was visiting Tel-Aviv also to have her collection of shirts photographed by Ofer Dabush. You can see it also in Cake Mag 😉

What is she wearing: shoes bought in the flea market in Amsterdam.

Photo by Shelley Lewis
Photo by Shelley Lewis

Also included: sand from the beach!:) direct from the photo shooting 🙂

So: The only people who can grab ‘mine’ are me or others I allow them to.



Photo by Ofer Dabush
Uncoded-Steps_Shoe-Blog_Mine-Danielle-Yaor-Ofer Dabush_Shelley-Lewis_3.jpg
Photo by Ofer Dabush

Models: Lihi Paul lihi_paul / Amitay Shulman  nazidadashiim / Yaniv Cohen yanivcohen21

Happy you are here. Welcome to join me and follow more of my steps

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