Christmas in Nazareth and some shoes

Where: Nazareth, Galilee, Israel

When: Christmas eve

The route we took: Paulos st. ,  Church of St. Gabriel , Mary’s well square.

Attractions: The largest Christmas tree in the Middle East. Yep, a phallic symbol in the name of God 🙂

Nazareth was decorated, festive and crowded:)

We succeeded in missing the parade that took place earlier that afternoon, and we blended in the crowd strolling along the city center, visiting Gabriel’s church and stopping by a few of the many eateries in Nazareth.

Our tip: one thing we did well for sure – we parked about 2 km from the center. We avoided horrendous traffic jams and enjoyed the walk.

Tip no. 2: wear comfortable shoes 🙂

What did we wear?

He: shoes by Reply.

And I: shoes by Pons Quintana. I’ve had them now for I guess about 10 years and they are still rocking.



Above: boots by Pons Quintana with an elongated last/toe cup


Above: shoes by Reply, I think they’ve traveled the world.


The visit to Nazareth

Reminded me of my neighbour, a 5 year old refugee from Africa, who he and his family were lucky enough to leave and arrive in Israel when it was still easier (but not easy) to cross the borders and arrive in a safer place than the country they left.

A few weeks ago I saw him and his sister outside their house, dressed up and looking happy and excited. He ran up to me to tell me that “our God has a celebration today!”.

The young kid had the right intuition many grown ups lack: God is personal and if you choose to seek his presence he (or she?!:) probably will be found in your heart, or your thoughts.

Because while God might be divine,

Religion seems to suffer from many earthly flaws….

So I think tip no. 3 would be: follow your personal Jesus 🙂






Above: patterns are everywhere


Above: an ancient church in 2016 – the cross is hidden within a screw 😉


Above: an upside down JBL included, the divine and earthly intermix


Above: Santa Claus is heading to Heaven?:) Helium balloons can be great fun


Above: ancient art in today’s life, air-co and a clock are included


Above: this reminded me of ‘The Creating of Adam’ by Michelangleo in the Sistine Chapel  


Above: painting located above the water and well. Picture by Deva Melman


Above: God’s pocket money?:)



Above: detail of a painting, sandals.


Above: Moses removing his sandals at the burning bush.

In Jewish religion shoes are considered to be a barrier, a divider between man and God.


Above: Adam and Eve, and the divine light with some bars….?:) Picture by Deva Melman









Walking along the side streets

We could experience more angles to the city


Above: painted on the wall surrounding the Baptist church in Nazareth


Above: a jewelry window tells a story. Mixed symbols. ‘Noyser Jewlry’ at Ha’Galil st. no 22 in Nazareth


Above: a must visit bakery in Nazareth – ‘Mahroum’ sweets. I loved the yellowish Kanafeh with pistachio mix, and I personally prefer it without the sweet sauce usually poured on top. This way the sweetness is inviting and soft. The halva too was excellent.



Above: we didn’t check this place out but it seemed inviting. Right by the square and the church.


Above: Picture by Deva Melman

This post was written yesterday, by the time I finished it George Michael passed away. Another great artist who left this world during 2016. I loved the music he made, as a solo artist or together with Andrew Ridgeley. I wish you to rest in peace, feeling and being closer to your personal Jesus.


Happy you stopped by to visit Uncoded Steps. You are welcome to follow more of my steps

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