Up Next Shoes?

When: first morning of 2017

Where: a bus in Tel-Aviv, heading north.

What do I spot: a pair of shoes that have this majestic burgundy colour and a matching ornament too. Not the kind of shoes I see around me every morning…. I had  to check this out! Wondering if they are fancy ‘leftovers’ from last night New Year’s partying 🙂

Who’s wearing them: Emma Raz, senior manager at AppNext – a mobile discovery platform. This pair was bought in China last April (“wow, before Brexit and Trump” I think to myself….).

“I travel quite often” Emma tells me, “mainly for work, so each item I’m wearing is from a different place in the world”

I also like: the semi-obscured tattoo behind the transparent sock, and the hint, or glimpse of an ankle bracelet.


Looking back at these pictures this evening

I wish I had snapped more pictures to capture Emma’s style; all items and their blend seemed really stylish and interesting.

It’s the blend, or mix which makes up a good story, or great style. A thought about a global world changing so rapidly.

And for 2017 which started today I wish myself to continue meeting interesting people during 2017, around the corner and also while travelling to many places in the world 🙂

Wishing you all a happy and fabulous 2017! May a wish or two come true.

Happy you are here, you are welcome to follow my steps. Sometimes I even take the bus 😉

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