Human chain for Syrian refugees; Tel-Aviv

When: this evening

Where: between the American embassy and the Russian embassy. They are located a few hundred meters from one another in Ha’Yarkon st., Tel-Aviv, close to the sea.

Approximately a few hundred people held hands and raised signs requesting, demanding help for Syrian citizens.

My low angle of the demonstration, perhaps identifying with the low and harsh conditions the people of Aleppo and Syria have been suffering for too long.



Above: one of the organizers of the demonstration, who walked up and down along the chain of people holding hands, was wearing stilettos.


Trippen, mitten like socks and a dog included.




Politics seem so cynical. The information we have is so many times based on other people ‘playing’ with the facts. Yet I hope the demonstrations around the world could make a change.



Thank you for following my steps. You are welcome to follow my future steps too.

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